Industries we serve
India to produce 20,000 MW through nuclear energy by 2020  |  India & UK to begin negotiations for civil nuclear agreement
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Nuclear Research Centers
  • BSL-3 & BSL-4 Laboratories
  • Biological And Chemical Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Industry & Laboratories
  • Storage/ treatment plants for radioactive waste
  • Highsafety Lab
  • Research Lab
  • Animal Testrooms

MOOV offers a wide range of quality and state-of-the art Ventilation special solutions to the most sensitive sectors, such as the Bio Safety Labs, Nuclear industry , High-security technologies and Critical air flow controls for labs and fume hoods.

Krantz Specialized HVAC Solutions
HEPA Filter System, Type GS
Bank Filter, SCF Classic
Mobile Filter
RHF Hightec
WFZ Sorption Filter
Sorption Filter SWS Classic
Multiway Sorption Filter MWS Hightec
Gastight Rectangular Shut-off Damper, Type GD-R
Gastight Circular Shut-off Damper, Type GD-C
Gastight Circular Shut-off Damper, Type S
Louver Damper Type LD-J
Non-Return Dampers Type RK-E20
Pressure Relief Dampers Type KL-E
Pressure Surge Damper Type RK-F10
Disinfection Shower
Louver Damper Type ND-J
Leak Test Device Type LT-D
Heat Sealing Device Type HSD
HEPA Filter Elements
Gastight Door
Catridge Filter Systems
Pressure Relief Dampers Type KL-ETE
Mobile Recleanable HEPA Filter Unit Type M-RHF
Safe Change Filter Housing Type SCF-Circular
Safe Change Filter Housing Type SCF-Hightec
Pressure Relief Dampers Type KL-ETM
SCF Hightec Triple S