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HT Products

HT LABOR+ HOSPITALTECHNIK AG cooperates interdisciplinary with architects, engineers and customers. Comprehensively we support the entire field from the determination of the basic values via the outline- and execution planning as well as the cost planning and tender procedure up to the project supervision and documentation. We offer a construction kit for functional and extensively equipped areas with demand on high quality regarding surface and function.

Advantages Comprehensive, integrated and flexible construction-kit
   Innovative detail solutions
   Certificates for hygiene, fire-, noise, radiation protection and tightness
   Clearly calculable amount to be invested
   High planning reliability before start of installation
   Short installation time
   Open for integration of new systems
  recyclable building materials

Objectives    Intelligent room systems
   Optimized structuring of the process flow
   Decreasing of operational costs by economical and commodity optimized concept
   High aesthetical standard consistent with functionality
   Interdisciplinary and multi-functional utilization
  Flexibility for future developments in medicine and technology