Gas is used in this sluice to disinfect materials of a complicated structure and to sluice them in and out of the containment. The material and also the sluice itself are decontaminated by means of evaporating gas. Various types of gas can be used. The gas sluice is constructed as a complete unit, with a en-closed inner shell. All built-in and connecting parts are delivered welded to the high-grade steel and exterior shell. This ensures that the unit is completely airtight. All materials used are resistant to common solvents, cleansing agents and germicides used for disinfecting laboratory areas. Not sensitive to the effects of chemicals and thermal agents (hot steam and hot water).

Sluice Cabinetthe sluice cabinet is completely and con-tinuously cantered on all edges. all metal stoppers and all installations, such as doors, air supply and exhaust air, are com-pletely sealed and airtight welded with the interior shell, Sluice is available in various sizes.
Material   Stainless steel, grade 304 (18/10) ground with grain size 240
   Stainless steel, grade 316 (17/12/2) ground with grain size 240

Sluice cabinet doors
   Two gas-tight hinged doors, completely and continu-ouslysealed and weldedFittings    locking from both sides (electric)
   lock, emergency unlocking
   Viewing window with roller or vene-tian blind, electric
   Sluice lighting Downlight compact fluorescent lamp
    Compact fluorescent lamp
Built-in parts firmly welded or sealed    all parts made of high-grade steel, material no. 1.4301 or 1.4571 ground with grain 240
   air supply connection
   Exhaust air connection
   Sluice lighting Downlight
Control   Analog gastight door, optional