Pressure Relief Damper

  Type KL-E

In a great variety of different applications within HVAC systems Pressure Relief Dampers manufactured by Krantz are used to limit the pressure and control it, respectively. Typical applications include the protection of ductwork from inadmissible high loading caused by positive pressure or negative pressure, positive pressure ventilation of staircases, or setting a defined pressure drop between adjacent rooms.

Quality and safety features

Regardless of the practical case of application, Pressure Relief Dampers made by Krantz feature the following performance characteristics:

  Automatic, merely mechanical operation without additional auxiliary energy
  High tightness in closed position
  Very large range of volumetric air flow
  Suitable for operation in systems at negative pressure and positive pressure, respectively
  Extremely short response time
  Adjustable opening pressure
  Low weight
  Easy mounting
  Low costs
  Patent protected

Pressure Refief Dampers, Type KL-E . . are highquality components which can protect or control your HVAC systems.