Sealed Revolving doors

For use in laboratory areas which have high hygienic requirements, but do not act as a bacterial/viral barrier and where the airtight requirements are slightly less.

Frame   Corner frame for brickwork
  block frame for tiled wall
  Surrounding frame for wall system

Fabricated as a double layer, sandwich construction, with a solid, shock-resistant centre. the required surface material is glued on to the door by means of a special process.

Surface Door made of stainless steel, as an option
  Stainless steel, grade 304 (18/10)
   ground with grain size 240
   Stainless steel, grade 316 (17/12/2)
   Steel covered
Metal Fittings    Manual or automatic drive
Airtight    Continuous sealing to the frame and floor.
Acoustic values    Noise insulation rate r´w: 39 db
   (tested on installed unit)
   Laboratory value rw 44 db
Extras   Lead finish (radiation protection) for door leaf and frame
   Inspection window with roller blinds or electrical venetian blinds
   Sluicing function
   Ground earthing
   Lock, emergency release