Gas Tight SHut-Off Dampers

  Type GD-R

Gastight Rectangular Shut-Off Damper, Type GD-R

Components such as damper systems used in ventilation systems for sensitive areas, like the chemical, the pharmaceutical and the nuclear industry have to fulfill high leak tightness requirements.

The Gastight Rectangular Shut-Off Damper, type GD-R, surpasses by far the leak tightness requirements specified in DIN 25496 (Ventilating components in nuclear facilities).

Krantz‘s Gastight Rectangular Shut-Off Damper, type GD-R, guarantees a maximum of safety and reliability thanks to

  Its design
  Its system
  The special damper mechanism.

  Type GD-C

Gastight Circular Shut-Off Damper, Type GD-C

  Solid and maintenance-free design, provided for systems with high tightness requirements.

 The actual leakage rates for housings and seat of damper blade are much lower than specified in the requirement       according to DIN 25 496.

  The damper is designed to operate without any failure at an operating pressure of 1.1- times of the admissible operating        pressure of the damper.

  The tightness of seat of damper blade is testable in built-in situation.

  For maintenance purposes, e.g. lubricating if required, there is no dismantling of the damper from the duct system        necessary.

  All media touched parts are welded continuously and without gaps to ensure an easy decontamination.

  Type S

Krantz has developed the gastight, rectangular shut-off damper, type S, for use in ventilating systems with high requirements in regard to tightness, e.g. in nuclear facilities, laboratories, etc.

The requirements on tightness as laid down in the German standard DIN 25496 – Ventilating components in nuclear facilities- are more than satisfied.

Several decades of experience gathered in the operation of shut-off damper systems in nuclear facilities and labs have decisively influenced the design and shape.

Quite a number of references from various locations of shut-off damper installation have proved the high level of perfection attained by this component.