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Tek-Air provides various equipment’s for various applications in the HVAC system. The air valve known as AccuValve is a specialised laboratory and cleanroom VAV system that has low energy use, low pressure loss and low noise level with linear air flow control. It is very precise and accurate in controlling and also in measuring the airflow.With the unbeatable lowest pressure drop in the market it will help to save the energy for the HVAC system.

The IAQ-Tek, is an outdoor air volume measurement and monitoring station as per ASHRAE Standard 62.1 ventilation requirements. It will measure the fresh air intake that will be introduced into the HVAC system.

The Vortex Airflow measurement and monitoring station will act as a meter in the air distribution system and give feedback to any BAS system for the monitoring and further action.

The FVC model or known as the flow sensing VAV fume hood system and high performance fume hood velocity monitor will monitor and control the airflow in the system for green laboratory application.