Made of individual modular panels, with a maximum joint width of 8 mm incl. sealing system. The partition wall system design facilitates the dismantling of any individual panel, to provide easy access for later installations, alterations or repair work.
Surfaces   Stainless steel, grade 304 (18/10)
   ground with grain size 240
   Stainless steel, grade 316 (17/12/2)
   ground with grain size 240
   Powder-coated steel sheet
   Steel sheet with protective film coating
   ImpactRequirements(We have an official state certificate of inspection for the following requirements)

HygieneExposed surfaces, which might cause hygienic problems, are macroscopically smooth and free from pores. all joint areas are completely sealed.
X-Ray protectionThe double paneled wall system has an x-ray protection lead equivalent of 0, 6 mm at 100 KV (or 0, 3 mm at 150 KV). Higher lead equivalents can be achieved by using thicker lead sheeting.
Fire protection The wall system is made of a non-flammable a-material. In the case of fire, there is no development of gases that could become a health hazard. the double paneled wall system is in accordance with DIN 4102 part 2, fire resistant class EI90 (F90), as single paneled wall EI30 (F30).
Noise protection The single paneled wall system (without mineral fiber) has a noise insulation rate of r´w 44 db. The double paneled wall system (with mineral fiber) has a noise insulation rate of r´w 56 db.